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Well, haven’t posted in awhile – I’ve been meaning to write extensive posts about each of the following two links. But maybe it’s best to simply start the conversation by providing links to them: First: Terry Tao has a great essay entitled “Does one have to be a genius to do maths?“. I think that […]

OK, so as many know, the common pattern for the three problems from the last post is called the “Pigeonhole principle”, and it’s deceptively simple: it says that if you have pigeons and you are trying to fit them into pigeonholes, then there exists at least one pigeonhole with 2 pigeons in it. Sounds simple […]

Math Craft


One of my favorite essays on math is an essay by Bill Thurston, entitled On proof and progress in mathematics. In that essay, he refers to the difficulty of even defining what mathematics actually is; as an aside, he offers a proposed definition of mathematics (that he himself is not 100% satisfied with): “the theory […]

My idea here is to start blogging about what a parent might want to know around how to have their kids be excellent at mathematics. For me, excellence in math means the following: Passion for the subject: I firmly believe that every kid starts out being interested in the world and how it works. Generally, […]