Some interesting readings


Well, haven’t posted in awhile – I’ve been meaning to write extensive posts about each of the following two links. But maybe it’s best to simply start the conversation by providing links to them:

First: Terry Tao has a great essay entitled “Does one have to be a genius to do maths?“. I think that this essay, along with its hyperlinks, should probably be required reading for anyone who’s interested in math.

Second: Paul Lockhart was a very popular math professor at UCSC, back when I was a grad student there. In particular, I remember him teaching a very down-to-earth, hands-on course in algebraic geometry, that I was too cool to take seriously, because back then I had exactly the type of lame attitudes towards math that he has since come to decry; I certainly view that class as a missed opportunity for me. Recently he wrote a book that has been referenced multiple times in Steven Strogatz’s recently-started math blog, a book which I assume  is a more fleshed-out version of his essay “A Mathematician’s Lament” (the book has the same title!).

I think that the Mathematician’s Lament article, and the follow-up piece by Keith Devlin here, provide an excellent back-drop for some points I’d like to make about math education. And even if I have nothing valuable to say about either Terry’s piece or Paul’s, I think you’ll gain much from simply reading both these pieces.

In my next post, I’ll say more about both pieces.


3 Responses to “Some interesting readings”

  1. 1 Wendy

    Thanks so much for providing those links and tying together several voices
    I’ve been trying to keep track of. I’m looking forward to some great reading.

  2. Where’s your next post then?

  3. 3 dipankar

    yeah, I stopped blogging because I just couldn’t make the time for it. Things are a little better though, maybe I’ll start blogging again… 🙂

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